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Community Education Advisory Council

  • Community Education Advisory Council:
    Barry Beyer, Caleb Charon, Justin Dinger, Melissa Juntunen, Sarah Ringat, Jennifer Lewandowski, Joanne Lehrke, and Erin Bates.

    We are looking for Council Members! Call Erin at 879-1261 for more information.

    You are all invited to help make your community education program reflective of what you would like to see offered in our community.  One way to do this is to join the Community Education Advisory Council. 

    As a group of citizens, we oversee the entire community education program, approve the budget, and offer the director advice on programming that we believe will serve Cloquet citizens.

    You are the community, and your comments or your time as a council member are welcome.

    You can also call director Erin Bates at 879-1261 to become part of this excited and motivated team! Or email her ( or any of the members listed to give your ideas, feedback and suggestions. 

    Vision: Community Education and Recreation will be recognized as a catalyst that brings people together through our award-winning programs:  Building Community One Piece at a Time.

    Value Statements:
    1. Learning as a lifelong process.
    2. Recreation as a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.
    3. Cooperation as a way to share talents, interests and skills.
    4. Service as a support for individuals and families.
    5. Community as a sense of belonging, which fosters genuine concern, interest and respect for others.

    Cloquet Community Education's Mission 
    To promote, provide, and facilitate learning opportunities and social activities to serve all individuals & families, while bridging generations, inspiring collaboration and building community.